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New Zealand: Court action over Pike River mine disaster

Tom Peters. 6 minutes ago. Families of two of the 29 workers killed in the Pike River coal mine disaster in New Zealand have taken court action to obtain documents and information relating to the ...

Mine Accident and Fatality Resources by State

The Alabama Coal Mine Fatalities Database consists of 2,188 records compiled by the staff of the Government Documents Department using available annual reports of Alabama mine inspectors from 1898 through 1938. Alaska. View All Alaska Disasters. Alaska Mine Accident Index.

Coal mine in Shaanxi fined for overproduction -

Mining accidents and death tolls slide in China 15:01:03; China to quicken approval of new coal projects to ensure energy supply 15:12:02; China's key coal mining provinces to start safety inspections 08:35:25; 10 miners killed in Indonesia coal mine explosion 10:00:56

Historical Data on Mine Disasters in the United States

appallingly common. For instance, the single year of 1907 saw 18 coal mine disasters, plus two more disasters in the metal and nonmetal mining industry. Among the disasters in 1907 was history's worst--the Monongah coal mine explosion, which claimed 362 lives and impelled Congress to created the Bureau of Mines.

A Mine Disaster in Russia Highlights Safety Shortfalls in Rush to Dig Coal

Nov. 26, 2021. MOSCOW — In the days before his death in a mine explosion in Russia's coal-rich Kuzbass region, Boris Piyalkin lamented that the safety standards in his workplace were ...

US Mining Disasters - Mining Technology

The worst mining disaster in American history saw 362 miners killed in an explosion at the Monongah coal mine in West ia. The explosion, on 6 December, was caused by methane gas. Several rescuers died because of the toxic fumes while trying to save trapped miners. Another 239 miners died at the Darr mine in Pennsylvania.

Families seek closure for wartime mine disaster as Japan-Korea ...

FILE PHOTO: South Korean relatives of workers killed in a disaster at the Chosei coal mine, bow toward an altar for the victims at a mourning ceremony, in Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, February 4,

Top 30 Most Astonishing Mining Disasters in History

Mitsui Miike coal mine is one of the oldest and largest coal mines in Japan. On November 9, 1963, 458 miners were killed and 833 injured in a coal dust explosion about 500m below the mine entrance. It is the second deadliest coal mine disaster in Japan after the Mitsubishi Hojyo mine disaster in 1914. The coal mine ceased operation in 1997. 2.

Mine Disasters, 1839-2021 | NIOSH | CDC

Mine Disasters, 1839-2021 Keywords: Disasters Note: A mining disaster is defined as an incident with 5 or more fatalities. Sources Options Start year End year Grid lines Mine type Sector Accident type Explosion Fire Water Ground fall Machinery/Equipment fall Suffocation

The Knox Coal Mine Disaster: A Story of Corruption and Greed

This disaster marked the end of the anthracite coal mining industry in the northeast. The 10 billion gallons of water from the Susquehanna River that filled the mines resulted in a loss of 7,500 jobs. This was a huge economic loss to the Wyoming, Luzerne and Lackawanna Valleys where so many depended on coal mining for their family's survival.

The Darkest Month: Coal Mining Disasters of December 1907

The Darkest Month: Coal Mining Disasters of December 1907 Published and Created by: Senator John Heinz History Center 1 Favorites 0 Copies Social Studies Age Levels Elementary (9 to 12 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old)

West ia Mining Disasters : NPR

February 2, 2006 • West ia's coal mines are expected to temporarily shut down for safety reviews. West ia Gov. Joe Manchin called for the halt in production after two miners were...

Coal-Mining Disasters | The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

The worst mining disaster during the Indian Territory period occurred in Krebs on January 7, 1892. At the Osage Coal and Mining Company's Mine Number Eleven a "windy shot" set off an explosion that quickly swept through the entire mine, killing one hundred men and injuring another two hundred. The blast left a mass of dead bodies at the bottom ...

Fraterville Mine disaster - Wikipedia

The Fraterville Mine disaster was a coal mine explosion that occurred on May 19, 1902 near the community of Fraterville, in the U.S. state of Tennessee. 216 miners died as a result of the explosion, either from its initial blast or from the after-effects, making it the worst mining disaster in the state's history.

Siberian coal mine disaster kills dozens in Kemerovo region plagued by ...

An accident in a Siberian coal mine has killed at least 52 people, including six rescuers, in one of Russia's worst mining disasters since Soviet times. Key points: State television said prosecutors believed there had been a methane explosion The dead comprise 46 miners and six rescue workers

The Worlds Worst Mining Disasters - ThoughtCo

On April 26, 1942, a coal-dust explosion — a common hazard in underground mines — killed a full third of the workers on duty at the time: 1,549 died. A frenzied effort to cut off the ventilation and seal the mine to smother the fire left many unevacuated workers, who initially survived the blast, to suffocate to death.

The Ernest Mine Disaster of 1916 - IUP

The Ernest Mine Disaster of 1916. Eileen Mountjoy. Four miles north of Indiana, Pennsylvania, lies the mining town of Ernest, established in 1903 by the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company. In its infancy Ernest was known locally as a "model mining village" of 156 houses, two churches, a school, and a community center.

Lessons from mining accidents in 2022 - Mining Technology

A coal mine in southern Poland killed five and trapped seven people, Prime Minister Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki told reporters on 20 April 2022, in a tragedy triggered by an early-morning explosion. According to JSW, an energy company, a methane explosion occurred just after midnight at a depth of 1,000 metres in the Pniowek coal mine near Pawłowice.

Lessons from mining accidents in 2022 - Mining Technology

A coal mine collapsed in the Mexican municipality of Sabinas, causing a tunnel to flood and confine the employees. On 3 August 2022, workers were caught inside a coal mine near Sabinas, 70 miles from Eagle Pass on the US-Mexico border, when it collapsed and trapped them. ... A mining disaster in Western Ghana killed 17 and wounded hundreds ...

The Monongah coal mine disaster - HISTORY

In West ia's Marion County, an explosion in a network of mines owned by the Fairmont Coal Company in Monongah kills 361 coal miners. It was the worst mining disaster in American...

Worst US Mine Disasters

Three coal mine disasters have occurred on New Year's Eve: 1907 Bernal Mine Explosion, Carthage, New Mexico 1910 Lick Fork Colliery Disaster, Thacker, West ia 1921 Docena Mine Explosion, Adamsville, Alabama The deadliest decade for mining was 1900-1909. During that period there were 157 mine disasters which killed 3,932 miners.

Mining Disasters - The New York Times

A Mine Disaster in Russia Highlights Safety Shortfalls in Rush to Dig Coal At least 46 miners were killed in an explosion at a Siberian mine. The director of the mine has been taken into...

Haunting Photos Show the Tragic Aberfan Disaster in 1966 - Business Insider

More than 50 years ago, Aberfan, a small coal mining town in Wales, was irreversibly changed in a few minutes when 144 people, mostly school children, were killed by a coal-waste landslide....

Mining Disasters | NIOSH | CDC

Historical accident reports are available in the library archives at the National Mine Health & Safety Academy in Beckley, West ia. Please contact the MSHA Academy at 304-256-3266 or [email protected] to check on the availability of a particular report. Visit MSHA's Home Page for recent mine accident reports.

Mine Disasters in the United States

Mine Disasters in the United States united states mine rescue association We've identified over 1,325 successful rescues and more than 135 incidents responsible for the death of more than 475 brave rescuers Read more about these amazing stories at the Mine Disaster Calendar. Search All U. S. Mine Disasters Since 1839 Try the Key Letter Search Tool

The Ernest Mine Disaster of 1916 - IUP

In Ernest No. 2 the men mined and loaded coal. By that evening, 2 of them were dead. No one on the outside heard the sound of the explosion. "Butch" Tortella, a retired miner who still lives in Ernest, was only a small boy at the time of the tragedy, but he remembers that it was Jimmy Moody, the motorman, who brought the news to the surface.

Mine and Mine Worker Charts | NIOSH | CDC

A mining disaster is defined as an incident with 5 or more fatalities. Mining Disasters Fatalities and incidents Charts showing number of mining disasters and associated fatalities per year. List of mining disasters A list of mining disasters including location, type of accident, and type of mine.

Coal Mining Documentary - The Most Dangerous Job On Earth - YouTube

Coal Mining Documentary - The Most Dangerous Job On Earth - Classic History Classic History 1.77K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K 167K views 5 years ago Coal Mining Documentary - The Most Dangerous...

The Most Dangerous Occupation: The Quest for Safety in Wyoming's Coal ...

The greatest loss of life in any mine disaster in Wyoming occurred at Hanna on June 30, 1903, when 169 miners died after coal gas ignited in Mine No. 1. An additional 46 miners barely escaped from the mine. The accident decimated the town's male population and left hundreds of orphaned children and widows.

Yearly Coal Mining Disasters – Bayesian Changepoint Detection

The cumulative number of UK coal mining disasters between 1851 and 1962 is displayed in Figure 1. The line in this plot is not straight, hence it seems that the number of yearly coal mining disasters is not constant between 1851 and 1962. Empirically, the rate of mining disasters appears to slow down just before the beginning of the 20th century.

Hurricane Creek mine disaster: Pain never ends for families of 38 dead

The Dec. 30, 1970, explosion at Finley Mines 15 and 16 on Hurricane Creek killed 38 of 39 miners and would expose fatal gaps in mining inspection and enforcement. The blast occurred one year to...

Aberfan disaster kills 144 people and levels a Welsh mining village

On the morning of October 21, 1966, a landslide of coal waste crashes into a small Welsh mining village, killing 116 children and 28 adults. The accident left just five survivors and wiped out...

How the 1966 Aberfan Mine Disaster Became Elizabeth II's ... - HISTORY

On October 21, 1966, nearly 140,000 cubic yards of black slurry cascaded down the hill above Aberfan. It destroyed everything it touched, eventually killing 144 people, most of them children...

Chart of the Day: Coal Mining Deaths in the US, 1900-2013

The MSHA only reports the total number of coal mining deaths per year, so it's difficult to determine the last time there were 300 or more deaths in the US in a single mine disaster. To ...

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